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This month marks the two-year anniversary of CGP! Starting my own business and pursuing a career in voice acting was a dream come true. That first year was such a learning curve, from all the administrative details, to marketing, to sharpening my skills with each gig I booked. And I was finally feeling like I was getting the hang of it when I got sidelined just after the first anniversary.

From October to April, my life was doctor appointments, biopsies, tests and more tests, surgery, and radiation. Even if I'd had the time and physical stamina, my mental wherewithal wasn't in the booth or on the business. I was so frustrated - I'd come so far and was booking bigger and bigger gigs, and to be taken out of the game when I was meant that I lost my momentum at the worst possible time. By the time I'd recovered from radiation and finished the last of my doctor follow-ups (for the time being), I had to start over.

This past summer has been my rebuilding season - following up with clients I hadn't touched base with in months, overhauling the CGP logo and website, creating a new marketing strategy, deciding what direction to take my business in. With the celebration of the two-year anniversary comes the end of that rough second year and the brand-new beginning of the third, and while I can't keep but wonder where I'd be in my career had breast cancer not hogged the spotlight for so many months, I'm rejuvenated by the idea of a fresh start. It's been a setback, but I'd rather look at it as an opportunity - Year Three is my chance to take everything I've learned so far and use it to turn CGP into what I truly want it to be. I'm so thankful to be able to get back into the game, and so excited to think about where I'll be for my third anniversary.

You can always start over - no matter what!

Have a great week!



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