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Behind The Mic

Welcome to CGP!

If you've ever been curious to know what goes on behind the scenes in the life and business of a voice actor, you've come to the right place. When I first started out in voice acting, I was properly trained but otherwise a bit lost and overwhelmed, and I searched for others to follow and look to as mentors, or at least examples to follow as I gained experience and built my business. There are plenty of successful voice actors out there, but finding someone who was accessible, who shared the personal side as well as the ups and downs that come with the profession, was difficult to come by. I told myself then that I would one day assume that role as best I could, and be for someone else the example I'd wished for for myself.

Feel free to drop by often. Until next time, I leave you with a welcome from Minx:

Welcome! I am the Minx.

Have a great week!



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