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Cheryl Gindlesperger is a voice actor who specializes in radio/TV commercials, Internet video voiceovers, and explainer videos.  Her voice may also be heard on corporate videos, training videos, and telephone systems, as well as on a diet program infomercial and for two lines in a short independent anime. 

Cheryl lives in rural Pennsylvania, in a 100-year-old farmhouse that contains her own Pro Tools-equipped recording studio.  She works remotely and is known for her excellent communication with clients, quick turn-around time, and high-quality delivery.  Whatever your voiceover needs, Cheryl will strive to meet them and produce a polished recording that guarantees satisfaction.  


Outside of the booth, Cheryl is an indie author who will be releasing her third novel in the "Beached" series in 2024.

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Once a street cat, then a shelter cat, Minx lived a life of luxury as the CGindles Productions mascot.  Her favorite "hunting" pose at the top of the farmhouse staircase was the inspiration for the CGP logo.  Sadly, Minx died of lymphoma in August 2020, but her personality lives on in the many photos Cheryl captured during her life and continues to share.  To see more of Minx on a regular basis, visit CGindles Productions on Instagram.

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